Preparing a yep

From flour mix to tasty crêpes in a few minutes!

Crêpes, pancakes, galettes… Sweet or savoury… Just take our mix, add water and unleash your creativity!

1- Stir

For natural rice crêpes
Stir in 100 g of yep rice mix into 280 ml of water.

For a richer texture, you can also stir 100g of yep rice mix, 1 egg and 250ml of water.

2- Cook

Heat a lightly-oiled, non-sticky frying pan. Pour a ladle of batter and form a crêpe / pancake. You don’t need to cook it both sides. Place the yep on its less sticky side, on a lightly oiled plate.

3- Garnish

Fill the yep with your favourite ingredients; it’s time to be creative! Roll it or fold it.

Each pack contains 400g of rice mix, to cook approximately 30 rice crêpes / pancakes.


6,12 Add to basket

You can throw in a pinch of curcuma and chopped chives to add taste and colour to your batter.


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